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The continuation of things you should know as an air-conditioner user.

1 Out side unit fan not rotating.
*Terminal wires. Check for burnt terminal wire and replace them.
*The fan capacitor may be bad. Replace with equivalent size of the capacitor. Note: Every fan or compressor has a specified capacity of capacitor, which is measured in micro-farad (uf)
*The fan may be bad. Replace with a good fan.
2 Compressor shutting down and coming on after a while.
*Timer. The timer maybe on. Check the remote and adjust the settings.
*The power supply maybe insufficient.
*The compressor capacitor may be weak. Replace with another capacitor of same capacity.
*The fins might be blocked with dirt and dust, thereby hindering proper condensation. Wash or blow the fins and ensure they are free from dirt.
*If it’s just charged with refrigerant, the refrigerant might just be too much. Reduce the quantity of refrigerant in the unit.
3 Air-conditioner dropping water inside.
*Check for blockage in the drain hose. Make sure it is through.
*Ensure the drain hose isn’t inclined or twisted.

Always ensure the air-conditioning unit is switched off and unplugged before doing any service on it.


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