Features of our iced block making Machines.

We design and fabricate various capacities of ice block making machines from twenty (20) pieces of iced blocks to One hundred and twenty (120) pieces of iced blocks up to one thousand (1000) pieces of iced blocks, depending on customers’ preferences. Our iced blocks machines are highly effective and efficient, some of our designs are designed to work with single-phase power supply, and some with three-phase (3-phase). Our products come with guarantee, and we render six-month after sales maintenance services on all our products and installations.


Installing, repairing and servicing your air-conditioners.

For your air conditioners installations, we help you in the analysis, to determine the suitable size for rooms or wherever you want them installed. For you to have value for your money, proper analysis and calculations should be made, to determine the perfect capacity of air-conditioners and other operating features, to guarantee efficiency. All, these we guarantee you at no extra cost. Our maintenance and repairs are professionally done with guarantee. We service, repair and install all kinds of air-conditioners, such as Window units, Split units, Package units, Chillers, VRF/VRV and other heating, ventilation and air-conditioning facilities (HVAC). We render our services at a very low cost and at any location.


Building or installing your cold-rooms.

Our cold-rooms are designed to use three-phase power supply, and are highly effective. We design our Cold-rooms for various purposes, and according to what is to be stored or froze in it. Our fabrications and installation comes with guarantee.

Our records speak well of us, be among those that are enjoying our services and experience effective service that gives you value for your money. For our customers who are just going into ice block making business, we guide them through the business, and make sure they get the expected returns.