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Have you ever been thirsty in a hot weather and was offered a cold water or drinks? I guess, you already know the refreshing feeling that comes with that. This is one of the services and relieves that iced block business owner offer to millions of people on daily bases.
Epileptic power supply, is one of our major challenges as a developing country, so iced blocks are needed to help chill our drinks, portable water and perishables. This is why iced blocks business is highly relevant in our society today.

Starting iced blocks business require relatively low capital, although it depends on how big or small you want to start. But if you are starting this business in a place with poor power supply, you may spend more on diesel. The business requires no technical skills, the basic skills you need are Business management, Customer service skills and Marketing skills.

Below are simple steps to a successful iced blocks business;
1. Feasibility studies.
You need a proper feasibility study before venturing into any business; same thing applies to iced block business because in some cases, a business idea may look great on a paper, but proper investigation may prove otherwise. A proper feasibility study will help you come up with an effective business plan that will guarantee high returns.

2. Proper location.
The location also has it own impacts, but if you did a proper feasibility study, you would already have the idea of a suitable location. Although in Nigeria, with a population of over 130million, you have a chance of making it from various locations as far as there is easy access to clean portable water. Some location may require you own an alternative power supply. Generally the business is best suited for a place of large gathering like market place, stadium, event centers, etc.

3. Buy your equipment.
The equipment for this business are few, what you need is a freezer or iced blocks making machines, generators and easy access to water.

4. Register your business.
Although this kind of business doesn’t really require you register a name before you get started. Because, you are likely be dealing with individuals at the early stages. But if you intend to grow your level where you will be dealing with corporate organizations, then you may need to register a name.

5. Advertise and market your business.
Make people aware of your presence, contact event managers, if possible create a bill board, use any proper medium to reach out to people and make sure you are reliable.

6. Offer additional services.
Since iced blocks have season when they are more in demand and when they are less in demand, additional services will keep you busy making some cool cash. You can help people preserve their perishable like iced creams, help people cool their drinks, also those dealing in frozen foods can benefit from your services.

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