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Air-conditioners may seem expensive to maintain due to sensitivity of its components, but if you are observant with your air-conditioning units, you will limit this challenge and at the same time maintain its efficiency while you save costs in the process.
Sometimes, minor things have large effect on the performance of your air-conditioners.

Below are some minor faults and their possible solutions in air-conditioners.

1 Compressor not running

Low voltage. Be sure the voltage is enough to power the compressor, some compressors requires -voltage of up to 200volts to run while some requires higher volts. Depending on the type of compressor and its capacity.
-Bad capacitor. Replace the capacitor with equivalent one. You may need the help of an experienced     technician to do this.
-Burnt overload. In some compressors that their overload is external, replace the over load with its equivalent. Also check for the terminal wires if anyone is burnt.
-The compressor may be bad.
2 Compressor running but not cooling.

The air filters in the evaporator may be blocked by dirt and dusts. Remove and clean or wash it with clean normal water, allow it to dry before inserting it in your evaporator.
-The refrigerant isn’t enough. Check for leakage, weld or tighten it before another refrigerant is added to the air-conditioner.
-The evaporator fan isn’t running. Replace the fan capacitor and switch the AC on. The service of an experienced technician may be needed in doing this and number 2 above.
To be continued…
Note: Make sure you switch off and unplug your AC before doing any of the above.
I hope you find this article useful. We will be taking them gradually, one after another.


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