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Like every other business, there’s always a risk of loosing and a chance of succeeding. Iced blocks business is no exception to this; so, one must understand the basics of this business before going into it.
The good news is the challenges are few, notwithstanding, these few challenges are capable of causing you huge lost if not taken care of.

Below are some of the challenges of Iced blocks business;
1. Financial challenge.
2. Power problems and energy consumptions.
3. Improper fabrications and installations.

Financial challenges are one of the reasons so many individuals have fallen victims in this business. I always advice my customers to make the best use of their money while choosing the capacity of iced blocks machines they want. It is better you use the little fund available to you to build an effective 40 pieces iced blocks capacity machine which will always give you blocks at all times, than managing it to build an 80 pieces capacity of iced blocks machine that may not serve you, why not wait until you have enough fund for the larger capacity machines. I advice you go for the best rather than mediocre.

Power problems and energy consumption is another thing that affects this business. Due to epileptic power supply and high cost of fuel, you must be prepared on how to tackle this challenge. I always advice you have an alternative power supply, while a diesel consuming generator is preferable.

Improper fabrication and installations, is the vital of them all, once the builder don’t get it right, forget about making profit in this business. There are many Engineers and Technicians, claiming to build iced block making machines here and there. I carried out a survey as a customer, and I noticed that some are really good at building and installing iced blocks machines, but they are vary few, while others are just building it because man must work. They lack the basic information and analysis to determine how effective their fabrication will work. Always make sure the builder is a trusted one and understands the secretes of building effective machines. If possible, ask from those who are already using his/her iced blocks machines.

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