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Air-conditioners are simple appliances used in our homes, offices or wherever the atmosphere needs to be conditioned. But many avoidable mistakes make the use of air-conditioners a bit challenging to some people. Here are few mistakes that lead to constant malfunction of your air-conditioners and higher energy consumption.

Choosing an under-sized or over-sized air-conditioner.
An undersized unit won’t cool adequately in extremely hot weather, while an over-sized unit can also adversely affect your comfort. The unit may often switch on and off, without running long enough to dehumidify the room properly or cool the space uniformly. And it will consume more energy than necessary.
Always take into consideration the area to be conditioned and select a proper unit size. You can call on an experienced technician or engineer to assist you with this.

Ensure that proper sizes of wire are used for electrical connections.
Using inappropriate wire sizes will always lead to constant melting and burning out of wires and can also damage your air-conditioning system. Ensure that adequate sizes and capacities of wires, circuit-breakers sockets and plugs are used.

Lost of Refrigerant gas
Refrigerant does not finish in refrigeration or air-conditioning system except there is leakage somewhere. Make sure the leakage is traced and blocked before charging the unit with another refrigerant gas.
Note, a device called leak detector can be used in tracing the leakage.

Choosing location for the condensing unit.
For proper condensation to take place, the condensing units should be mounted and well leveled on the area with proper ventilation, so as to ensure proper circulation of air. The area should also be free from moist, debris and inflammable.

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